RBA Training Extravaganza

Vital and Virtual in a Covid-19 Context

TE 2020 is not cancelled, but will transition into a compilation of virtual online learning conference experiences.  

We will offer 12-15 learning experiences for your viewing and downloading of resources at your conveniences.  There will also be resource materials and/or PowerPoint presentations available.

By August 15 all training sessions, resource materials and other interactive learning experiences will be posted here.

Below is a partial list of planned conferences:

The Deacon and Social Distancing – Keith Dixon
Shifts in How Adults Learn – Jerry Chiles
Now, What Will a Church Leader/Adult Teacher Look Like? – Steve Zimmerman
Leaders Confronting Change for a New Day – Steve Zimmerman
What to Do When Adult Small Groups Have Left the Building – Jerry Helderman
Ready, Set, Go!  Children’s Ministry – Cheryl Markland
The Challenge of Student Ministry – Rebekah Gordon & Christian Davis
Taking Care of Yourself – Alison Keene
Technology Challenges and Opportunities for Churches – Simon Touprong
Caring for the Least of These, Matthew 25 Ministry – Cynthia Thelen

Stay tuned for more information.