- Track Time -
Training the Local Church to Run Well!

We are excited to offer a new Equipping Workshop format
 church leaders for 2023!

The workshops will be scheduled each quarter and will cover the following four areas of ministry:

Evangelism and Disciple Making

Mission Engagement and Partnership

Leadership Development/Revitalization

Church Management

Here are the dates for the workshops so you can put these in your calendar:

Spring - April 25, 2023
Tracks 1-7, Session #1
Location: Aversboro Road Baptist

Summer - June 27,2023
Tracks 1-7, Session #2
Location: Mt. Moriah
6:30 - 8:00 pm

Fall - September 26, 2023
Tracks 1-7, Session #3
Location:  First Baptist Church Cary

Winter - January 30, 2024
Tracks 1-7, Session #4
Location: TBD

To learn about each session please see the information below.

Then all you need to do is choose a Track and register using the form at the bottom of the page.

Each Track will continue within the same theme throughout the year and each session will be 60-90 minutes.

You may also register by calling the RBA offices at (919) 231-3995.

Track Descriptions

TRACK #1 - Know Your Race Route: How to Plan a Mission Trip Experience From Start to Finish
Led by Paul Langston of NC Baptist on Mission

TRACK #2 - Dust Off Your Sneakers: How to Assess, develop, or update your strategy for reaching your community and beyond
Led by Ken Tan

TRACK #3 - Pre-Race Warm Up: Understanding our identity as disciples of Jesus Christ
Led by M. R. Smith, Sr. 

TRACK #4 - Running In the Right Direction: Understanding the F.L.O.W. of Worship 
Led by Simon Touprong

TRACK #5 - Field or Stadium Event: Understanding church security and a positive first impression
Led by Lee Smith

TRACK #6 - Relaying the Mission: How to equip ministry leaders for ongoing success in their ministry relay  
Led by Michael Tolar

TRACK #7 - Mentally Preparing to Run: How to respond to crisis, grief, and mental health issues in the local church
Led by Patrick Fuller

Workshop Registration

To register for Track Time, please use the form below. Each registration is $15 per person.