Stewardship Representative - Full Time

TWR, Cary, NC is seeking to fill the position of Stewardship Representative.  

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Organizational Information:
Region:  Global Services
Field Service Location:  Remote access/Cary NC
Department:  Development
This position reports to:US Stewardship Director
Classification:  Exempt
Personnel Type:  Full-time; 40 hours per week; exempt
Team Memberships:  Development
Purpose and Scope of the Role:
Your role is to establish new friendships and strengthen ongoing relationships with TWR donors, connecting with them, and helping to provide them the media ministry resources for their God-given missional passion to see discipleship occur in lives globally, as God commanded us all to do.
Duties / Responsibilities:  
Essential functions:
Develop new and existing donor relationships by:
Communicating with new and existing relationships through phone calls, emails, mailed notes, etc.
Valuing donors by remembering and celebrating special events in donors’ lives; obtaining prayer requests, and praying with them over the phone
Conveying the vision of TWR and keeping that vision in front of the donor
Keeping donors informed about how their gift is making an impact for eternity by timely ministry reports and news items being produced by TWR
Tracking relationships, keeping notes on individuals by using database software to better serve them through that information
Working with the Development Team to evaluate best practices in relating to donors
Assist in special donor-related events such as President’s Forum, President’s Briefings
Planning and accompanying donors on TWR Donor Vision and Work Trips
Modification segment
  • The employee has the freedom to be flexible in how they use their 40 hours per week
  • i.e., at their discretion, it is acceptable to work outside the standard “9 to 5” hours and/or weekends
  • Addition of opportunities suggested by the employee to utilize agreed-upon “creative donor communications channels”
Focus Areas: Building and Maintaining Donor Relationships, Reporting, Development, Vision Building
Experience Requirements:
  • Previous sales experience is helpful but not necessary

Working Conditions:
  • Must be able to have flexibility in work schedule to accommodate contacting donors who live in different time zones
  • Must have secure internet access and telephone
  • Must be able to handwrite numerous notes/letters/envelopes
  • Hazards of the position may include hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder fatigue from handwriting notes, letters, and envelopes; back, neck, arm, and wrist fatigue from using the computer and telephone
Qualifications and Core Competencies required:
  • Must be respected among peers regarding spiritual walk with the Lord
  • Must be unabashed about wholeheartedly talking about Jesus and willing to discuss theological issues with donors in a loving, patient, and compassionate manner
  • Display a fervent heart and vision for world missions
  • Committed to TWR’s mission and doctrinal position
  • Must speak, read, write, and comprehend English fluently
  • Must be moderately proficient in technology and can learn software usage
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to properly present the ministry to individuals
  • Good organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Strong self-motivational skills and good team spirit/cooperation


 Caleigh Hartung
Human Resources and Hiring Coordinator