Ministry Assistant - Baptist On Mission

Baptist On Mission, Cary, NC is searching for a Ministry Assistant. Basic Responsibilities
Individual is responsible for performance of accounts; processing Journal Entries; process credit card payments to vendors. Individual is responsible for performance of daily activities of Accounts Payable.  Ensure that duties are performed in a timely, accurate manner while performing other duties as assigned.

Specific Responsibilities
Partnership Assistance:
  1. Proofreading, formatting and editing content as needed
  2. Able to manage a database.
  3. Manage email communication for team sign-ups
  4. Compile and process member registration for trips 
  5. Prepare trip invoices to send to churches/individuals
  6. Process credit card payments for trips
  7. Respond to calls and letters from churches and individuals
  8. Maintain team files within Google Drive
  9. Purchase and process all payments for trip insurance
  10. Assist with securing flights when requested
  11. Prepare check logs and compile receipts
  12. Manage post trip payments on website and follow up on unpaid trips
  13. Assist in obtaining background checks when needed

Financial Assistance:
  1. Prepare vouchers to pay bills
  2. Enter coding for monthly Wells Fargo statements
  3. Prepare journal entries/wires as needed
  4. Fill in as needed for Financial Assistant for check deposits/credit card donation reconciliation
  5. Help Administrative Coordinator with Rebuild Finances

Range of Motion Criteria:
  1. Be able to sit at a desk for extended periods of time to use a computer and/or other equipment. Be able to move one’s chair back and forth while sitting in it.
  2. Be able to move to a copier/fax to copy and send materials.
  3. Be able to communicate effectively.
  4. Be able to stand, stoop, bend knees and arms, reach for various items, lift up to 15 pound easily, open and close file and desk drawers and be able to climb/descend stairs or operate elevator to get to other places of work. Be able to pack and lift boxes of materials needed for conferences.
  5. Be able to walk in and out of buildings or use items of personal equipment such as manual or motorized wheelchair to work and/or to evacuate place of work safely during an emergency.
  6. Be able to move items into/out of storage areas with appropriate help when necessary.
  7. Must be able to hear and follow instructions. Must be able to read and understand safety signs and have good judgment skills.
  8. Be able to operate a vehicle safely for business travel, as required, whether in BSCNC fleet car of personal vehicle or travel by commercial transportation to and from BSCNC-related events at which attendance is required. Be able to fix a flat, lift equipment in and out of vehicles, safely check battery cables, safely fill the vehicle or equipment with fuels or know when to get someone to help with these tasks.

Knowledge and Skills for the Position
  1. Experienced in the use of basic office electronics, such as a computer, copier, and telephone
  2. Proficient in the use of basic computer software; MS Word and Excel
  3. Experienced in office administration and efficient business procedures
  4. Ability to maintain filing systems and high level of organization
  5. A Christian servant attitude when interacting with customers
  6. Commitment to a mutually determined work schedule, with some flexibility
  7. A genuine profession of faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation, in close alignment with the Baptist Faith & Message (2000)
  8. Supportive of the ministries of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC)
  9. A demonstrated commitment to a local church
  10. Good oral and written communication skills
  11. Strong moral standards in personal and professional life
  12. Healthy interpersonal skills

Other Attributes/Responsibilities:
1.  Budget Responsibilities:  This person is responsible for managing accounts.
2.  Work Experience:   Applicant must have at least five years of relevant work experience.
3. School Experience:  Applicant must have an Associate’s Degree. Bachelor’s degree in business preferred.

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