Part Time - Administrative Assistant

Millbrook Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC is seeking to fill the position of Part Time Administrative Assistant.

  • - Serving as the receptionist based on a set daily schedule for all Church members and/or visitors, attending their needs by directing them to specific staff members or Church leaders via phone calls, text messages, emails, or composing and mailing printed materials 
  • - Establish an electronic file structure to store all Millbrook Administrative documents, monthly records, and any associated communications
  •  Provide information on video materials to congregates and maintain consistent Millbrook design for content on web, video, and printed materials 
  • Set Zoom meetings, including sharing links and password with Millbrook Committees for meeting purpose - Using online content from the weekly “messenger” to create a summary weekly, printed Messenger and mail to those who families who prefer the printed format (include prayer and congregational assistance list) 
  • Receiving packages and mail, distributing such to appropriate staff and/or church volunteers.
  • Administrative Assistant will pick up the mail from the Post Office Monday-Friday, utilize drop off locations for other delivery services (Amazon, UPS, FedEx, etc.) whenever possible, and otherwise oversee efforts to minimize packages being left at the church outside working hours
  • Answering all church office phone calls and directing requests to specific staff and church members. 
  • Setting appointments during office work hours for volunteers to come in and do any work they need to do, i.e., church library or Diaconate business (this may require some flexibility in stated work hours to accommodate member needs) 
  • Coordinating purchase and delivery of office supplies. 
  • Ensuring that all office equipment is properly maintained and in good working condition. 
  • Admitting entrance to the building service agents who need to repair and maintain the building and facility systems (telephone, air conditioning and heat, plumbing, cleaning, etc.) by maintaining contacts and working with identified Church leaders to ensure that all systems are working efficiently (this may require some flexibility in stated work hours to accommodate services). This includes outside organizations that use Millbrook Facilities for meetings (TOPs) - Checking all church entrances to assure they are properly locked and secured before leaving each day. - Helping the Ministerial staff and Kindergarten Director as requested. - Appreciating, coordinating, and guiding the work of office volunteers.

Email Address for sending Resume:

Church Address:
Millbrook Baptist Church
1519 E Millbrook Road
Raleigh, NC  27609