Health Screening Ministry Coordinator

Health Screening Ministry Coordinator with Baptists on Mission located in Cary, NC

Position Title:Health Screening Ministry Coordinator
Organizational Unit: Baptists on Mission
Recruited by: Executive Director for Baptists on Mission
Salary Plan: Scale set by Executive Committee
Reports to: Executive Director for Baptist on Mission (BOM)
Supervises: Volunteers, Drivers and Hosts
Works cooperatively with: All staff on team and group
Basic Responsibilities:
Health Screening Ministry Coordinator (80%), Haiti Medical Team Coordinator (15%), MRC Liaison (5%).
Specific Responsibilities:
  1. Glorifies God by involving churches and Christians in “meeting human needs in Jesus’ name” through the mobile health screening ministry.
  2. Communicate- Promotes the use of the health screening ministry to churches, associations and other organizations so that we are involving as many Churches as possible in meeting health needs in their communities.
  3. Communicate- regularly with the local coordinator so that the clinic is as effective and successful as possible for the local sponsor and volunteers.
  4. Plans- Maintain an updated schedule of Health Screening clinics.
  5. Plans- Provide a clinic planning manual and training materials for the reserving entity and volunteers.
  6. Plans- Compiles and updates driver manual, training video, and driver/host personnel files.
  7. Plans- Enlist driver/host for each location.
  8. Plans- Inventory, order, and stock all supplies and equipment for each clinic.
  9. Conducts- Works at various clinics throughout the year as needed.
  10. Conducts- Conduct training/update sessions for current and potential drivers/hosts.
  11. Conducts- Monitor driver/host adherence to Health Screening policies and job requirements.
  12. Conducts- Processes invoices and payments for mobile unit usage/clinics.
  13. Conducts- Prepares reimbursement requisitions for driver expenses and honorariums.
  14. Conducts- Ensures Mobile unit maintenance.
  15. Conducts- Clean and sanitize mobile unit after each clinic.
  16. Conducts- Ensures that infection prevention best practices are applied during each clinic.
  17. Evaluates- Communicate with the local coordinator and volunteers to evaluate clinic effectiveness and how to improve the clinic in the future
  18. Evaluates- Compile statistical records, clinic reports and evaluations.
  19. Maintain intentional relationship with Haitian medical contacts; providing monetary, prayer, and equipment/supply support.
  20. Recruit volunteers and coordinate medical team trips to Haiti.
  21. Assist MRC Blue Hat in maintaining accurate records of volunteers and event participation.
  22. Perform other such duties as directed by the Executive Director of BOM.

Knowledge and Skills for the Position:
  1. A medical background is highly preferred.
  2. Advanced knowledge of personal computers.
  3. Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  4. Ability to handle multiple tasks, interruptions, and adjustments to priorities daily.
  5. Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with staff and the public.
  6. Ability to operate standard office equipment including but not limited to copiers, calculators and facsimile machines, scanners, and printers.
  7. Ability to follow oral and written instructions.

Other Attributes/Responsibilities:
  1. Budget Responsibilities: Maintain accurate records related to fleet card and ministry expenses.
  2. Education Requirement: Applicant must have technical school or associates degree.
  3. Work Experience: Applicant must have at least five years or relevant work experience.
  4. Total number of positions supervised: None
  5. A team player who is humble, hungry and smart. This is the most important thing.

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